Policies And Procedures

Mumma’s little Secret is a supervised play area that allows parents and carers to enjoy a child free shopping experience. At Mumma’s Little Secret children are able to engage in a range of fun activities under the supervision of experienced staff members.

Late policy

We give parents/ guardians a 10 minute window whereby late charges are not enforced. After this 10 min timeframe late charges will commence. Parents will be charged $5 every 10 minutes once 15 minutes has past since the pick up time.

Settling child into our care

In order to help children settle quickly into our play area, we ask parents to work with staff in providing a quick drop off procedure whereby parents sign children in on entry, say quick goodbye and guide children through the gate to allocated staff members who have been trained in settling children. If at any time we are unable to settle your child we will send parents/ carers a message to inform them of the situation and options

 Child Protection

Children have the right to be free from harm, and to play, learn and be cared for in a safe and secure environment. Our staff are committed to the protection and physical, emotional and wellbeing of your child. Our staff and families visiting the centre are required to be aware of all gates and doors as they enter and exit the premises.

Incident Management

Our staff follow recommended health and safety guidelines and procedures in the event of a child-related accident or injury. Any incidents that may occur are recorded in an illness/ injury report and provided to all families, and we investigate each issue to make changes to practice or the physical environment where necessary. If your child requires medical treatment, other than first aid, and we are unable to contact you, we will take any steps necessary to ensure that your child is appropriately cared for. This could include contacting the identified emergency contact for the child, or calling emergency services. It is important that information about your emergency contact and authorised nominee list is up-to-date at all times. We comply with regulatory requirements that all incidents are communicated to families within 24 hours and all notifiable incidents are reported according to regulations.

Hygiene and toileting

At Mumma’s Little Secret a high level of hygiene practices are promoted and implemented. We ask all parents and carers to take children to bathroom, change nappies’ and wash children’s hands before entering. We have hand sanitizers on entry for all children with alternatives available for children with eczema or allergies. At Mumma’s Little Secret a cleaning schedule on entry is available for parents to view. Parents who have given us authority via our Terms and Conditions Policy a staff member will take the child to the bathroom. Otherwise parents/guardians will be notified if their child needs to be taken to the toilet.


We take great pride in our staff members and their qualifications. At our service you will find our ‘Team Wall’ that displays all our staff members and their qualifications on entry. You can also find copies of our staff and their qualifications on our website. Our staff members have experience in a range of childcare facilities such as long day care, crèche, schools and out of home care.  All our staff members hold a current first aid certificate. Our team of nine staff together have a combined 80yrs of experience of working with children.

Children’s Health and Medication

The centre will facilitate effective care and health management of children who are taking medications for health problems, prevention and management of acute episodes of illness or medical emergencies by the safe administration of medication, and compliance with the regulation.  Authority must be obtained from a parent or legal guardian before medication is administered by staff.  Medication is only to be administered by senior staff who have a current First Aid Certificate in accordance with written instructions of the authorised medical personnel.  The administration of oral homeopathic, naturopathic, over the counter or non-prescribed oral medication (including cold preparations and paracetamol) will not be administered to any child while in care, with the exception of children with a chronic health problem or life threatening illness.

  • Parents of children being enrolled are required to provide staff with a medical management plan if their child has a known medical condition, allergy or other health care need.
  • Staff must follow the Medical Management Plan which includes plans for asthma, anaphylaxis and diabetes.
  • An Authorisation of Medication Form must be completed by the parent prior to any medication being administered.
  • Due to the possibility of side effects, the first dose of any medication should be administered by the parent at least 2 hours before the child attends care.
  • Prescribed medication can only be given if it’s in its original container, bearing the original label with the name of the child, the dosage to be given and is within the expiry and use by date.
  • Medication can be administered to a child without authorisation in the case of an anaphylaxis or asthma emergency. Emergency services will be contacted immediately. The parent of the child and emergency services must be notified as soon as practicable.

Physical Environment

Mumma’s Little Secret provides a safe physical environment, which actively promotes free play. In the management of its service, Mumma’s Little Secret is committed to ensuring that the spaces, furniture, equipment, facilities and resources are suitable for their purposes. Premises, furniture and equipment must be safe, clean and well maintained. Resources, materials and equipment are sufficient and appropriate, and support the flexibility of our children’s programs and experiences. Sustainable practices will be embedded in the operations of our service, including the use of environmentally friendly products where practicable. Children are encouraged to respect the environment and participate in experiences safety.

Behaviour Guidance

At Mumma’s Little Secret, children are provided with support, guidance and opportunities to regulate their own behaviour. Behaviour guidance strategies will not under any circumstances involve the use of any physical punishment, isolation, humiliation, intimidation or negative labelling by staff. Staff will enforce a positive reinforcement approach where by reward systems will target children who are caught doing something good. Focusing on children who are participating in activities, helping others, being respectful will be highly praised encouraging other children to follow their example. ‘ wow I love the way Sonya has packed away all her Lego before she started her craft’. If an incident occurs between a child and another child both parents will be notified. Incident reports will be provided to parents however personal information of the child will be protected.

Collection of Children

Only parents/guardians and authorised nominees are permitted to collect your child from our supervised play area, and we encourage all families to ensure these contact details and arrangements are kept up-to-date. So we can ensure the safety of your child at all times, photo identification will be requested from any authorised nominee who is unknown to our Mumma’s Little Secret staff. If your child has not been collected and we are unable to contact you, we will contact the authorised nominees listed on your child’s enrolment form. In extreme circumstances where we are unable to contact one of your authorised nominees, we will contact the necessary authorities for the safe collection of your child. This is why it is important that your contact details and those of your authorised nominees are kept up-to-date at all times.

Family Feedback

We actively encourage families to provide feedback about their experiences with our service at any time. It is our policy that any problem, issues or disputes are managed fairly and promptly, and are resolved as close as possible to the source of the problem. Families can also be assured that all Mumma’s Little Secret staff respect the privacy of the family when addressing any concern or grievance.

Page Confidentiality, Privacy and Digital Information Security

Mumma’s Little Secret collects personal information of parents, guardians and children for the primary purposes of providing staff members and advocating for the well-being, protection and development of children. Mumma’s Little Secret will only use your personal information for the purpose it was collected or a reasonably expected or related secondary purpose. Personal information will generally be collected from you directly through the use of our standard forms, over the internet via our website, via email communication with you, or through a telephone conversation with you. Personal information collected by Mumma’s Little Secret will be stored securely in paper form or electronically. We will take all reasonable steps to protect any personal information that we hold from unauthorised use or disclosure. For further details please refer to our Privacy Policy